Varane Avshyamund: The Malayalam movie that celebrates women and their feelings

Updated: Jul 8


Over the last weekend I watched a movie that etched a special place in my heart. I am not a movie junkie and very few movies take a special spot in my heart. This time, it is Varane Avshyamund.

Varane Avyshamund, a Malayalam movie that stars the ever graceful Shobana, Suresh Gopi, Dulquer Salman and debutante Kalyani Priyadarshan is a breath of fresh air from the usual "casual sexist jokes filled" movies. It is a movie that celebrates love and relationships, unabashedly. This movie puts the entire limelight on women and their feelings, which is the major reason why I enjoyed the movie despite few shortcomings.

When I first started watching the movie, the scene where the character of Kalyani utters the words, "I am decent and will go for only arranged marriage" made me cringe and I decided to give it a miss. But I wanted to give the movie one chance and watched with an open mind. And I am really happy that I gave the movie that chance.

Though we consider ourselves to be living the ultra modern life, there are few things which are still frowned upon. And when it comes to women, the list just gets bigger.

A woman is always considered to be selfless, devoid of any feelings and someone who is always there for the family. Especially in India a woman is considered to be a Devi. But at the same time a single mother is not so Devi in the eyes of this society.

But this movie does it differently. Neena, the character played elegantly by danseuse Shobana is such a beautifully envisioned character by the makers. Neena is a single mother of a daughter who is of marriageable age. Here she has been portrayed as someone who does not hide from the society's accusing eyes or shy away from trying new things.

She enjoys life to the fullest and does not give a hoot about what others might think. And that spirit is what I loved about this movie.

She is a self confessed romantic at heart and is not embarrassed about sharing the details of her past relationships, her failed marriage or the marital abuse she faced when she was pregnant with her daughter.

And when she discovers love again at an age which people usually find inappropriate, Neena does not hesitate in pursuing the relationship further. This is the point that made me love the movie. It asserts the fact that a mother is after all a woman first. She has feelings too and needs love in her life, like others.

As opposed to the usual portrayal of mothers who hover over their daughters or keep pushing them to get married, this movie shows a fresh perspective. Here are two women who run the household independently and the single mother does not fuss or fret over her daughter's marriage. She leaves the choice to her daughter. How many times do we see such strong women characters in movies?

Not just the mother and daughter but there are two other strong women characters that just make this movie a beautiful one.

Dr. Sherly, played by the powerhouse of talent Urvashi is the perfect antidote for evil mothers in law characters in movies. She plays the character of a potential mother in law of Kalyani Priyadarshan's character. She is not the usual run-of-the-mill mother character who supports her misogynistic son blindly. Urvashi loves the girl of her son's choice wholeheartedly and wishes the best for her.

The moment when this movie bowled me over even more was when she warns Kalyani's character of her son's misogynistic attitude and does not want her to get married and spoil her life. Now how many such mothers do we see in movies who stand up for what is right.

A mother is a mother. It is not necessary that a woman becomes a mother only when she gives birth biologically. This point is elegantly sent out to the masses through the character of Aakashavani, the guardian of Dulquer's character and his brother who are orphans. They are not at all related remotely and yet she wholeheartedly takes over the duty of taking care of their needs just like a mother.

Varane Avashyamund is a beautiful movie that portrays women and their different shades. This movie shines on with its progressive and sophisticated portrayal of women characters.

This movie is currently streaming on Netflix and Sun Nxt app. I highly recommend that you all watch this movie and enjoy your quarantine days. Catch the trailer of the movie here!

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