Our Services

Indian Mama Bear mainly focuses on aspects of feminism, motherhood, parenting, pregnancy, babies and toddlers, nutrition and wellness of children, new mothers and women in general. We also focus on career excellence and relationships.

We offer the following services related to these areas.

Content creation

We create quality content for your websites or blogs in the form of well researched and articulated articles.

Social Media Management

We help you in creating impressive captions and tweets for your Instagram, Facebook handles and Twitter handles.


We can write eye catching captions and descriptions for your products that you intend to sell on various shopping platforms. We also offer services of product marketing and will discuss about your products at length on our blog and social media handles.

Our Other Services

We are fluent in Hindi, Sanskrit and Telugu apart from English. We can help you in translating your articles, documents or books into any of the above-mentioned languages.

Book Promotion

We offer book promotion services in the form of book reviews and author interviews. We also offer beta reading services.

Kindly reach out to us through our contact form or write to us directly at indianmamabear1419@gmail.com for our services catalog, price quotations and sample articles.

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